South Central LeatherSir, Leatherboy, Community Boothblack





Requirements for Contestants and Titleholders

1. Contestants must self identify as a Male* (*for LeatherSIR/Leatherboy contestants only).


2. Contestants must live in Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana and Arkansas.


3. Contestants are required to prepare an on stage ‘scene fantasy’ of their choice, not to exceed 5 minutes, to be presented during the contest.


4. The contest winners must be willing to represent the South Central Region at bar events and other events, as selected by the South Central LeatherSIR/Leatherboy & Community Bootblack’ Region Producer, including events in each of the regional states.


5. Contestants must host 2 fundraisers.   1 prior to ILSb-ICBB and 1 prior to stepdown.   First must be held at the Dallas Eagle and the date will be provided to you.   The second may be held at a location of your choice


6. The contest winners are strongly encouraged to also attend other leather events and fund raisers.


7. The contest winners must be willing to represent the South Central  Region on Labor Day Weekend at the Dallas, Texas at the International LeatherSIR/Leatherboy & Community Bootblack Contest.


8. Contestants are required to donate a basket sourced locally, to be auctioned during the event.  The auction basket must have a minimum value of $300.00.


9. The Producer of the South Central LeatherSIR/Leatherboy & Community Bootblack Contest reserve the right to recall the title from the current titleholders; if, in its sole judgment, the titleholders have failed to substantially comply with, or fulfill any/or all of the obligations of the title. Contestants are expected to conduct themselves as a positive role model to the community locally and regionally.

Contestants will be judge in the Following Categories:

  • Interview with Judges (25 points): During the Interview category, the judges will direct questions at contestants. The questions may address, among other topics, any aspect in general, BDSM, or leather history.


  • Speech (20 points): Each contestant will make a 2 minute (or less) speech during the Saturday evening contest on the topic of their choice.


  • Jock (15 points): During the Saturday evening contest, each contestant will be judged on jock and appearance while wearing a jock to show off their body.


  • Leather Image (25 points):  On stage question and answer: Each contestant will appear in their leather that best represents who they are and what they want to represent to the general public. At this time they will also be asked a question and allowed 90 seconds to respond.


  • Fantasy (15 points): an on stage presentation of your leather interest or skills, no longer than 5 minutes with background music appropriate to the fantasy you are portraying to the audience.

To Be Announced


South Central LeatherSir, Leatherboy and Community Bootblack 2017 Schedule


Friday, March 30th

6:00pm Contestants and Judges Arrive at Eagle

6:30pm Judges Meeting

6:45 Contestant Meeting

7:00pm – 10:00pm Meet and Greet

7:45pm Contestant and Judge Introductions

8:00pm Roast of Titleholders

8:30pm – 10:00pm Underwear Auction (Benefiting SC Contest)


Saturday, March 31th

9:15am Judges and Contestants Arrive at Eagle

9:30am -  Interviews and Bootblack Technical Skills, Speech and Fantasy Rehearsal (Not open to the public)

5:30pm All Staff arrive at Eagle

6:00pm All Judges and Contestants Arrive at Eagle

7:00pm – 10:00pm 2017 Contest

10:00pm – 2:00am Victory Party


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